Hunting in Temagami.
Hunting in Temagami

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ATVing in Temagami
ATVing in Temagami
Ontario Hunting Moose in TemagamiHunting Grouse in TemagamiHunting Black Bear in Temagami

Hunting in Temagami Ontario

Avid hunters will find plenty of opportunities for hunting in Temagami and Marten River in northeastern Ontario. Whether you are seeking small game, big game, waterfowl, there is a good variety of wildlife available for your hunting experience in Temagami.

One of our favorite hunting sports is hunting for the Ruffed Grouse. These birds are plentiful in our area and exciting to hunt. The season for grouse and partridge begins in mid September, and there is nothing like walking thru the Temagami forest on a beautiful fall day in northern Ontario.

The season for fall Black Bear hunting runs August 25 to September 22. Black bear hunters staying at Ravenscroft Cottage Resort have had good success over the past years and we invite you to try your hunting skills here this fall. Ask us about guided hunting trips. For more information about Black Bear Hunting, click here.

Hunting Moose in Ontario. Hunting a moose in Temagami is an adventure of a lifetime. The chance to experience a Temagami bull moose answering to a call on a crisp fall morning is overwhelming to the senses.

We hunt on the border of Nipissing Crown Game Preserve - what we like to call a "Temagami hunter's dream". W.M.U.40

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ATVing in Temagami
Hunting in Temagami ATVing in Temagami
ATVing in TemagamiOntario Canada ATVing in Temagami

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Ravenscroft Lodge, 19 Jumping Caribou Rd, Temagami, Ontario P0H 2H0 705-569-3865

Ravenscroft Cottage Resort offers affordable Hunting in Temagami Ontario.

The Temagami and Marten River area are noted to have some of the best hunting opportunities for wildlife in northern Ontario. The thousands of acres of Crown Land make hunting for ONTARIO BLACK BEAR, CANADIAN MOOSE, and our TEMAGAMI RUFFLED GROUSE all a challenge and an adventure. With the use of a GPS, you can navigate our Temagami forest to find that prize Moose or, hire one of the experienced guides available in the Temagami region. We would be happy to put you in contact with one.

Hunting Grouse in Temagami

Grouse Hunting in Temagami and Marten River

Temagami Ruffed Grouse Hunting - Ontario grouse hunters know prime hunting grounds when they see them, the Temagami area offers an ideal habitat with lots of cover. Beyond our property lies thousands of acres of public hunting ground in the Temagami Forest. Grouse hunters can base their hunt from Ravenscroft Cottage Resort making it easy to return to our comfortable cabins at the end of the day. We are hunters ourselves and will be happy to give you a few pointers to make your Temagami hunt more successful and your stay with us more enjoyable! More about Temagami Ruffed Grouse Hunting.

Hunting Moose in Temagami

Hunting the Canadian Moose in Temagami and Marten River

Moose hunting in the fall can be a very exciting time. Getting a Temagami bull moose is a thrill of a lifetime. You can hunt the numerous lakes and river systems around the resort, as well as the thousands of miles of logging roads and ATV trails. Because we live here year round, we know moose movements and patterns because we watch them all year long, not just during moose hunting season. Many of our guests combine hunting with mid day fishing. Bring fishing gear along to add to your experience. More about Temagami Moose Hunting.

Hunting Black Bear in Temagami

Black Bear Hunting in Temagami and Marten River

Bear hunting is available in Temagami and Marten River to outdoor enthusiasts in the fall only. Ravenscroft Cottage Resort Bear Hunting is located in Temagami, Ontario, our hunting locations border on the Nipissing Crown Game Preserve. An area famous for its exceptional black bear hunting, the bear population in Ontario is increasing yearly. More about Temagami Black Bear Hunting

Hunting with an ATV in Temagami

ATV Hunting in Temagami and Marten River

Getting closer to those remote areas is easier than you think. Old abandoned logging roads and the pipe line trail can get you close to those remote hunting areas with your truck, or bring your ATV and go really deep into the Temagami forest. Hundreds of miles of logging and ATV trails crisscross the area so you can walk or use an ATV to bag your ruffed grouse limits. In addition to our ruffed grouse, we also have a large population of spruce grouse. More about Temagami Hunting with an ATV.

Hunting Rabbit in Temagami

Rabbit Hunting in Temagami and Marten River

Rabbit hunting is a great sport in northern Ontario. Rabbit hunting has a tradition in my family and I have enjoyed passing it on to my sons and daughter. More about Rabbit Temagami in Hunting.

Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary

Hunting news in Temagami

More hunting news coming soon.

Temagami Black Bear Hunting in Ontario

Hunter Orange

Hunter Orange Ontario

The objective of the hunter orange regulation is to maximize hunter safety without negatively impacting hunting success.

Under this regulation, all licensed hunters, including archery hunters hunting during the gun season for deer and moose, are required to wear hunter orange. As well, all black bear hunters hunting during the black bear season are required to wear hunter orange except when in a tree stand. (This exception is in place because, unlike deer and moose, black bears have colour vision.) Waterfowl hunters, wild turkey hunters and archery hunters in archery-only areas are exempt from the hunter orange requirement.

A hunter orange garment and head cover must be worn. The hunter orange garment must cover a minimum of 400 square inches (2,580 square cm) above the waist and be visible from all sides. Open mesh or camouflage hunter orange must not be part of the 400 square inches. A hunting coat or vest generally meets this requirement. The hunter orange head cover may have: open mesh; a peak or brim colour other than hunter orange; a crest or logo which does not completely cover the hunter orange on the side where it is affixed. The head cover may not contain camouflage material.

Hunter orange colour standards are generally consistent across North America. Manufacturers can provide information regarding clothing compliance with this standard. Hunter orange product is available at the O.F.A.H. Online Store.

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Hunting in Temagami


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